Due to inclement weather, the branches are closed Wednesday, January 17, 2018.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Important Online Banking Notice

In the course of recent upgrades to our website we have discovered that some changes made by Google, may cause our website to show as “Not Secure” in your URL when using the internet browsers Google Chrome and Firefox since both the Username and Password fields will be located on the same page. This may give the appearance that the site is not secure.  However, the Online Banking box is secure, and fully encrypted.  We are working on updating the necessary components to correct the display.  


Welcome to Landmark Bank

Landmark Bank is a locally owned bank that strives to provide the community with a bank to call its own. Through the years Landmark Bank has believed that the future of the Bank depends on the success and satisfaction of our customers. If you prefer a personal banking relationship, drop by to see us today or browse our website for a list of products and services available to you at Landmark Bank. Thank you for visiting our website.


Online Banking Alerts

Landmark Bank account alert feature will allow personal online banking users to setup an alert to be emailed or sent to a mobile device. Users may choose to set up a number of different alerts including debit alerts. The debit alert is a great tool to assist with tracking debits as they post. This tool will help you detect unauthorized transactions immediately.


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